Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners – Maintaining High Quality Standards Since Ages

elx-vacuum-cleanerWhen it comes to Vacuum cleaners, Electrolux is one such brand that commands uncomparable reputation. It is one of very few home appliances brand which enjoys extra ordinary brand loyalty from its customers. Many households still use Electrolux vacuum cleaners which were purchased more than 20-25 years ago.

The vacuum cleaners from Electrolux are known for their long life, and because they perform so well, most customers are very likely to become loyal towards this brand. There are numerous online stories where people have used vacuum cleaner from this brand for 15-20 years and then bought a newer model of the same brand.

Electrolux has always enjoyed extra ordinary trust from its customer base from few decades now, at the same time it is interesting to note that this company’s brand name has gone through numerous changes. The company started off with its product offering 90 years ago in Sweden, with the name “Electrolux cleaners” the company was selling their floor cleaning products throughout Europe. Soon after, company started producing products for market in Canada and USA.
In starting days, when the Electrolux brand was launched in america, the salesman from company followed door to door selling tactics, targeting middle income group people. As the acceptance for the brand grew gradually, the company started using other marketing and sales channels to capture larger market share.

The Electrolux products were soon made available in big department stores throughout America. The management did not yield expected amount of sales volume through this step, but till today you can find some of the vacuum cleaner models from Electrolux in different department stores. The major chunk of sales come from the company owned or franchise stores. Today you can buy Electrolux products from more than 500 stores in USA and Canada.

The initial product line of vacuum cleaner from Electrolux was canister based vacuums.  These variants come with a very easy to maneuver tank, and because of their practicality, the classic models (especially lux classic) is till date one of the best selling vacuum cleaner model from Electrolux.

When you are out in the market searching for a perfect vacuum cleaner for home, you should try to buy from a brand which has proven track record in terms of quality and longetivity. Although, you can get very low priced vacuum cleaners with lot of features from new brands, but buying from brands like Electrolux will provide peace of mind for few years. There are many brands like Electrolux who offer high quality products and enjoy similar brand loyalty.


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