18v & 20v Cordless Drill Reviews & Buying Guide 2016

If you are a craftsman, if you have a job in construction field or just a DIY enthusiast you are most probably aware how important it is to have a good quality cordless drill in your tool box. The market share for this tool has been growing at an enormous speed since past few years. Brands have been spending a lot on R&D to make cordless drill more powerful and more useful. As a result, you can now find models with very high amount of torque, multiple clutch settings, LED lights, light weight design, extra powerful and light weight batteries, etc.

For power users nothing beat the corded versions as they can provide huge amount of torque on demand to drill or drive screws on tough materials. But, slowly and steadily the cordless versions are catching up with corded counterparts in terms of torque. There are numerous advantages of using a cordless drill, some of them are –
1) You can easily work in any location without worrying about the availability of power socket.

2) The light weight and ergonomic design of drill puts less pressure on your hands so that you can work continuously without getting too much fatigue.

3) You do not have to carry the chord while you work at different location on the job site.

4) Using two batteries make sure your work is not interrupted, you can charge one while working with other one.

5) The drills are available in 12v, 18v and 20v options, depending upon your power requirement; you can choose a model as per your linking.

6) Multiple options  are available in different price point, you can buy a cordless drill model for as low as $40 and for as high as $600.

You can check websites like thetoolguides.com, amazon, ebay, wallmart etc to read customer/expert reviews on different 18v, 20v cordless drill models.

Features to look for

a) Light Weight – You must choose a unit which is light in weight so that you do not get too tired holding the drill when working on longer shifts. Apart from the weight, the drill should also be small in size so that you do not find any problem operating in tight areas.

b) Battery – The cordless drills are available in traditional NiCad or Newer Lithium Ion batteries. The li-ion batteries are very popular because they provide more run time per charge and are lighter in weight. There are multiple varieties of Li-ion batteries, usually the expensive ones offer better run time per charge and have more life. Before zeroing down on any drill brand, you must enquire more about the battery.

c) Chuck size – The cordless drills can be classified on the basis of chuck size. As per your requirement you can go for any ½ inch or ¼ inch chuck size. Many tools come with a feature of keyless chuck where in you can change the bits single handedly.

d) Clutch settings and Speed Variations – More clutch settings and speed variations add versatility to the drill and allow you to take up multiple varieties of jobs.
e) Battery Gauge – Buying drills which come with a battery gauge allow you to manage battery in a better way. You are kept updated about the remaining juice in the battery.

Some of the best selling cordless drill models are –

1) black-decker-ld120vaBlack & Decker LD120VA – This compact tool from Black and Decker is a very cost effective tool which can perform numerous drilling and driving applications very effectively. You can use this tool for drilling or driving screws in materials like wood, plastic and even metal. You get powerful 20v lithium ion batteries with this tool which can retain charge for up to 18 months.


2) dewalt-dcd771DEWALT DRILL/DRIVER DCD771 – This 20v cordless driver and drill come with two speed variations of 0-450 and 0-1500 Rpm that allows you to undertake different varieties of job which require slow or fast drilling. It is equipped with a high quality 1/2 inch chuck which provides solid grip to the bits even when working on hard surfaces. The drill comes with an effective ergonomic design that keeps the unit balanced and makes holding the drill for longer periods of time a comfortable experience. With a price range of close to $75 this product is a very good option if you are looking for 20v option.

3) hitachi-ds18dgl-drillHitachi DS18DGL – This 18v drill from Hitachi comes with 22+1 clutch options. The clutch options provide the operator with great level of control over the torque. This makes sure that only the required amount of power is put in to the any drilling or driving task. This unit can generate close to 400 in/lbs of torque, with this much power you can easily drill in some of the toughest materials. It comes with LED lights which help in illuminating the work area so that you can use the tool with precision even in dark areas.

4) porter-cable-pcc606laPORTER-CABLE PCC606LA – It is a 20v cordless drill that can yield up to 333 UWO of power. It falls in the category of drills which come with 1/2-inch drill/driver. The LED light on this unit provides an added advantage for people who have to work on areas with low lighting. The LED lights on top of a drill play a very vital role when drilling or screw driving has to be done in dark locations like,inside the closet, or in construction sites where electricity connections are not yet available. This $70(approx) unit features a battery gauge which keeps you aware about the battery status while on the job. If you are looking for high quality low budget drill, you must consider this option.

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